Restoration / Customization

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Cue holder customization in silver and gold
Cue holder customization in gold
Pool restore
Pool restored

Consignment of Billiards


We assembly Pool Rooms / Pool Saloons, Table Soccer, darts, games among other equipments...

We buy / sell Pool Tables, Table Soccer and other used equipments.


Surprise your friends, enjoy fun moments!
  • Private;
  • Companies;
  • Other spaces.


  • We provide leisure equipment for events.
  • Tournaments orgnaizers.
  • We offer awards, cups and other prizes.


Give full assistance in your home or monetize your business!
IMPORVALEY the ideal partner!

  • Periodic Leveling.
  • Periodic polishing of billiard balls.
  • Replacement of all kinds of pool table cloth.
  • Replacement of corners.
  • Restoration, repairs, customizations of pool tables, soccer tables, and others...
  • Enlarge pockets to competition.
  • Rectification of slates.
  • We store your equipment.
  • Assembly / Disassembly / Transport.


Service in the immediate

  • Repair of billiard cues.
  • Placement of cue tips.
  • Cleaning the pool cue rod.