Who we are

Imporvaley was funded in 1995 by our General Manager and CEO, Mr. Paulo Pinheiro with the mission to conceive solutions for game tables which contribute to experiences of leisure and sporting situations, promoting the satisfaction and well-being of our customers.

Imporvaley - Quem somos

What we do


We are a company specialized in Conception, Marketing, Exploration, Production and After-Sales Products Support, Restoration and Customization and all associated accessories and Supplementary Table Games, Foosball and other services.

Investing in development and  in Interior Design we develop pool tables with different styles, that can be merged in all kinds of decorations, offering a wide range of solutions and different materials, accessories, colors and finishes.

Mission and Values


Currently a multinational company and market leader, Imporvaley has left its positive contribution to fostering pool practice in various national and district competitions with further growth aimed at supporting major events and sponsorships.

We strive to establish a transparent relationship with our customers by providing support through differentiated service, with office hours from Monday to Saturday.

Missão e Valores